Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moving Update!

We are so excited to get the keys to the store tomorrow afternoon and will begin construction this week! We are planning to open the beginning of September and have finished planning a fantastic collection for fall. Make sure to check facebook as we clear out the summer collection. Will post photos of the new store ASAP. We are looking forward to getting to meet and talk with all of our fabulous customers!
We are still looking for a few more vendors to rent space and sell their items in our store. Please email us at kennediscloset@yahoo.com if you are interested.
Thanks as always for your support!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big News!

In case you haven't heard the exciting news, we have recently signed a lease to open a storefront in Jacksonville, Florida. This is truly a dream in the making, and we are ecstatic! For you local shoppers, the store will be located on Chaffee Road near I-10. Before opening we need to do some minor upgrades to the space. It used to be a laundry mat, so we need to spruce up the floors and definitely put some pretty colors on the wall! We will use this blog to keep all of you updated through the process so you can see the beautiful and exciting transformation. We are shooting for an opening date in August so get excited!

We are also in the process of looking for local vendors who would like to rent space to sell items in our store. Please contact us through our website if you or anyone you know would be interested. Requests and suggestions for new designs and products are also always welcome!

Thank you for being so loyal to us! We are so happy to have such wonderful support as we make this transition!