Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fabulous Fall at Kennedi's Closet

Hey Everyone!

A lot has happened since our last post! Halloween has passed and so has Florida Georgia Weekend. Two big events for us! They were absolutely fabulous and we had so much fun. We hope you did too. Look at these adorable applique shirts we did!

Fall has been treating us well so far! Not only was Halloween and Florida Georgia a success we also had a good time at The Southern Women's Show this year. Every year we pack up our store and bring a little piece of Kennedi's Closet to thousands of ladies ready to shop! It's always a blast and we get to meet so many customers. It's great because we have people who come up to us and share wonderful stories about how they're excited for us to be at the show every year. This year was even better because we had TWO booths which means we got to bring a lot more items! Here's a pic of our booth all finished and ready for customers!

Something that made us even more excited to be at The Southern Women's Show this year was that we had the chance to put on our very first fashion show. It took a lot of prep, but we had our lovely customers sign up to walk in our show and they were so wonderful! There was a great turnout and we ended up having about 30 kids model clothes for us. All the kids were absolutely adorable in their Kennedi's Closet clothes. We could not have been more pleased with the show. It was a great experience!

Another thing we can't go without mentioning is the new addition to our Kennedi's Closet Family.. As soon as the Southern Women's Show craziness was over, our store owner, Renee, had her baby! All of us girls here at KC are more than excited to welcome a boy into the mix. He has stolen our hearts already and he is just under two-weeks old!

Well, there you have it! A quick update on how things have been going for us over in Kennedi's Closet Land. Let us know how your Fall is going so far! We love to see pictures and hear stories from our customers. We're getting excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up soon... Stay tuned for an exciting Holidays themed post!

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